About Roz

rozIt’s only 6575 days from birth until an 18th birthday. 18years – a childhood, yet really only a few thousand days.

I made a promise to myself the day my daughter was born. I would try and make every day count. In fact, every second. Because if years were seconds, then it would only be 6 days until she was 18 and an adult.

In that instant I knew I could not stay away from something that really is my lifelong love. Of capturing special moments, people & places. Creating magical images in beautiful settings, capturing moments of childhood and life itself. Images to treasure, moments to reflect on…. timeless…..

So, being an instinctive, passionate & creative person, I changed my career, well more than that, in fact, I changed our lives. Not just for them, but for me too, for us all. I felt so passionately that I needed to set the best example to my then tiny children.

To follow their dreams, their hearts, their passions.

My passion is photographing people. At home, at work, with their pets and at play. I love meeting them, gaining an insight into their varied lives and making connections with them. I work intuitively and instinctively to find the beauty within, uncovering the real personalities. I create extraordinary yet personal images of ordinary people and ordinary things. I understand the importance of documenting the DNA images of family life as well as my beautiful signature fine art images, losing myself in the moment of connection with my clients, an emotional energy born out of passion and creativity.

From being part of the first few days for my newborn shoots, to documenting special moments during the childhood years, even acknowledging the transition from child to adult, my passion is to capture these as special moments creating beautiful images to treasure for a lifetime.

Knowing that there’s never enough minutes in the day or days in the week, make sure you make the next 10 seconds really count and give me a call on 07737 039097 or drop me an email roz@rozcollins.co.uk right now, to talk about what magical memories I can capture for you….
… an emotional energy born out of passion and creativity